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Description du produit

Guerlain MÉTÉORITES Pearls of Powder provides light and clarity to our face, erases any sign of fatigue and offers a fully embellished and perfected complexion.The most famous beautifying pearls in history have been reinterpreted in this colorful mosaic of compact powder, maintaining their incredible color combinations based on the white light used in film and photo shoots.This powder has different shades (white, pink, blue, mauve and yellowish) and finishes (matt and pearly) that play with the corrective properties (spots and redness) and revitalizing benefits.The light adapts to the skin, accentuating its color and homogenizing the appearance of possible imperfections with a delicate, sweet and unique aroma.This compact powder surprises because of its elegant case with floral motifs on the top.Available in different shades. Suitable for all skin types.