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Description du produit

AN IMMENSE POWDERED FRESHNESS FULL OF LUXURYJil Sander Nº4 by Jil Sander is a “Eau de Parfum“ for women that is included in the floral fruit family. It is a perfume that releases a deep mystery, creating an aura of elegance and enigma around us. A unique and different scent, which is far removed from the clichés established by society.This fragrance was created in 1990 by the perfumer Michel Almairac. During the 1990s, the trend in perfumery was for powdered floral scents, delicious, feminine and enveloping essences, and with this creation the German designer approved his duty with outstanding distinction.Its olfactory pyramid is made up of an infinite number of fruit and floral notes, exquisite combinations that end in this work of art. At the beginning, we can emphasize the freshness of the bergamot that comes into conflict with the soft sweetness of the rose and a touch of bitterness of the star anise, a magical combination that leads us to a more stable heart thanks to a floral bouquet, which is bathed in spices such as nutmeg and myrrh, giving it a strong touch of mystery. Finally, its background takes on a warmer tone, thanks to the strong presence of amber and vanilla.ADULT WOMEN. This perfume is far from the youth and the great massifing. It is an essence aimed at a more adult audience, stable women who know what they want and who will achieve a unique and irresistible touch of distinction with this acquisition.EXTERNAL SIMPLICITY. Since his composition is exhaustively elaborated and meticulously detailed, the designer decided that his bottle would be overflowing with simplicity, and he did so. A crystalline cylinder without any kind of application, which allows us to observe the golden liquid inside.CLASSIC. Although it became a totally innovative fragrance at its launch, Jil Sander 4 is a classic scent. A perfume that has managed to position itself in a privileged place in the world of perfumery and with a large following of faithful followers.