Gorgeous Stargazer False Eyelashes No.19 Black Lower Lashes JmxirJ7f

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Description du produit

Stargazer's range of false eyelashes contain a selection of natural, feathered, metallic, diamante and colourful eyelashes giving you a dazzling range of eyelashes for parties and nights out.They are a very easy and eye catching accessory to use. They are surprisingly comfortable to wear and stay firmly in place. Great accessory for parties and nights out. The box contains eyelash glue to apply the false eyelash to the eyelid. Lashes can be cut to size if required. Lots of colours available. This one is Number 19: Black Lower Lashes When applying the adhesive to the false eye lash, leave it for approx 30 seconds until it becomes tacky and then apply firstly to the centre of the eye lash and work your way out. That way you'll get fab lashes

Product can be removed by gently pulling eye lashes away from the eye with great care and then any residue of the adhesive can be removed by using face wipes or by washing.